BSc Sophia Wisboeck using LiDAR and fCover to explain home range sizes

Sophia Wisboeck handed in her BSc thesis "Explaining variation in home range size of red deer (cervus elaphus) in the Bavarian Forest National Park using LiDAR derived metrics on forest structure and fractional cover". Her analysis of fractional cover and Lidar to...

M.Sc. handed in on animal movement and remote sensing

The M.Sc. thesis "Can animal movement and remote sensing data help to improve conservation efforts?" by Matthias Biber M.Sc. student within the Global Change Ecology program handed in his thesis. He explored the potential of remote sensing data to explain animal...

CAWa project: First National WUEMoCA User Forum in Uzbekistan

On 10 December 2015, the first National WUEMoCA (“Water Use Efficiency Monitor in Central Asia”) User Forum was held in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The meeting gathered 20 representatives from the Basin Water Organisations Amudarya and Syrdarya, Basin Irrigation System...

New guest scientist: Mah Coulibaly

Mah Coulibaly, a WASCAL PhD student on Climate Change and Land Use at the KNUST in Kumasi (Ghana), is visiting us for three month from May to July. Her PhD topic is about the estimation of above ground biomass and carbon dioxid emissions in the Savanna of Northern...

new article in NATURE Scientific Reports

our new article in Nature Scientific Reports is out "Disentangling the relative effects of bushmeat availability on human nutrition in central Africa". We linked wild meat availability and malnutrition in Central Africa. The spatial pattern of bushmeat extraction...
UAV Lidar data Results

UAV Lidar data Results

Our first results of UAV based Lidar analysis are very valuable for the georisk analysis of rock fall close to Würzburg in Thüngersheim in cooperation with our soil science colleagues. Further analysis based on UAV sensors will be multispectral and thermal analysis of...

UAV Lidar mapping for rockfall Risk Estimation

UAV Lidar mapping for rockfall Risk Estimation

The area of the rockfall event above vineyards within a nature protection zone Due to a recent rockfall event and in order to analyze the landscape conditions within this area did we conduct a UAV Lidar mapping campaign in Thüngersheim, close to Würzburg. The main aim...

New researcher Pawel Kluter

New researcher Pawel Kluter

Pawel Kluter joined the Department of Remote Sensing as a Research Associate in November 2020. His main role is the deployment of Data Cubes in cloud environments (Front End / Back End), as well as the development of remote sensing processing routines using Python....

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