MSc thesis handed in on predicting forest understory canopy cover

A M.Sc thesis was written by Bastian Schumann under the supervision of Dr. Hooman Latifi and Prof. Christopher Conrad that focused on a LiDAR-based approach to combine structural metrics and forest habitat informaiton for causal and predictive models of understory...

open position on landuse classification

Please see below a full or 50% position for up to 2 years in the WueMoCa project on landuse classification. Due to the fact that german language proficiency is required further details are provided just in german.   Stellenausschreibung: Wissenschaftliche(r)...

Application deadline for our international M.Sc. program is approaching

If you are interested to learn about space- and air-borne earth observation applications for various fields, ranging from urban to ecology, from Europe to Africa and satellites to UAVs, then apply until May 15th for our international M.Sc. program EAGLE! learn more...

talks at the ESA Living Planet Symposium

the ESA Living Planet Symposium list of talks and sessions is now online and can be accessed here. We are happy to have talks by Ruben Remelgado on "remote sensing and animal movement" and Martin Wegmann on "remote sensing in ecology and conservation" accepted. Some...

successful first WUEMoCA Administrator Training

From October 24 to 27, the Department of Remote Sensing at the University of Würzburg (Germany) conducted its first WUEMoCA administrator training at the partner institution, the Scientific Information Center - Interstate Coordination Water Commission of Central Asia...
ESA LPS 2022

ESA LPS 2022

Many of our staff members and nearly all our Earth Observation EAGLE M.Sc. students attended the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022 and explored the wealth of remote sensing applications within these 5 days. The LPS is the largest and most diverse earth observation...

UAS Lidar field work on Zugspitze

UAS Lidar field work on Zugspitze

A first explorative UAS-based Lidar and thermal data acquisition was successfully finished and we received very interesting high resolution spatial data of the terrain including snow cover and especially rock structures. Flying UAS systems on nearly 3000m ASL and with...

new publication on coast line dynamics

new publication on coast line dynamics

Ronja Lappe, a recent EAGLE graduate, published her thesis as article in Remote Sensing: "State of the Vietnamese Coast—Assessing Three Decades (1986 to 2021) of Coastline Dynamics Using the Landsat Archive". From the abstract: "Vietnam’s 3260 km coastline is densely...

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