Invitation to the talks of the upcoming professorship of Geographical Remote Sensing

Please find below the talk of the new upcoming professorship of Geographical Remote Sensing (in german only) E I N L A D U N G Im Rahmen des Verfahrens zur Wiederbesetzung der W2-Professur für Geographische Fernerkundung im Philosophiegebäude, Am Hubland, HS 4:...

AniMove trainings in 2015

Our AniMove 2015 planning just started – the first AniMove in 2015 will take place again at SMSC on the Smithsonian Conservation Bioloy Institute campus. A workshop and symposium on AniMove topics will be in September in Germany and perhaps we will have another...

Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists book now available

Our book "Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologists - Using Open Source software" is now available. First editor copies arrived already and it looks pretty good. Great to have finally a copy on our desks after all the writing, testing and editing! We hope that you enjoy...

New publication: improving crop discrimination in West Africa

In our new publication "Evaluating the sequential masking classification approach for improving crop discrimination in the Sudanian Savanna of West Africa" we investigated the benefit of sequential masking on the accuracy of crop mapping in the heterogeneous...

Introductory course on remote sensing

The introductory course on applied remote sensing within the Global Change Ecology study program started. More than 20 international students are about to learn how to apply remote sensing in ecology. Software used will be R, GRASS and ENVI, while a big focus is on...
Poster of Staff and Project

Poster of Staff and Project

Our new staff and project information wall is nearly finished. Still some projects and staff members are missing but we are getting closer. Look at the details where people are working and where projects are located on the first floor in OKW 86.

Department Bus

Department Bus

Our new department bus is now ready for excursions with our students, for field work in our study areas or for research visits at collaborating institutes. We are looking forward to use our Department EAGLE bus extensively in 2020!

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