New publication: Towards an all-in-one sensor for forestry applications?

A recent paper published by Forestry and featuring Dr. Hooman Latifi from Dept. of Remote Sensing presents novel results of estimating most relevant forest inventory attributes from very high resolution stereoscopic satellite imagery.  The paper couples a systematic...

MSc thesis handed in on Analysis of Airborne LiDAR Data for Deriving Terrain and Surface Models

A M.Sc thesis by Raja Ram Aryal  at the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart was recently written  under the supervision of Dr. Hooman Latifi and Prof. Michael Hahn. The thesis focused on a comparative study on the variations of an adaptive TIN ground filtering...

new publication: Mapping Bushmeat Hunting Pressure in Central Africa

Our analysis on mapping bushmeat hunting pressure in Africa based on various co-variates, such as land cover, is now available online. Is is related to our article in NATURE Scientific Reports. Hunting and trade of wild animals for their meat (bushmeat), especially...

Remote Sensing Midsummer Dialogue at the Department

Beside participants from the University of Wuerzburg and the DLR, also many colleagues from companies and a variety of national and international research institutions joined this event. The midsummer dialogue was organized by the EAGLE students. The students were...

upcoming book: Getting Started with Spatial Data Analysis using Open Source Software

A new textbook for students or professionals interested in learning to work with spatial data is currently prepared and will be handed in at the end of this year. It clearly aims at novice users in contrast to the already published book "Remote Sensing and GIS for...
New PhenoSAR project started

New PhenoSAR project started

The goal of our new PhenoSAR Demmin project is the evaluation of potential information inherent to Sentinel-1 time series for the monitoring of farmland. Hereby, a special focus is set on phenological development. Expected result is a multi-scale monitoring framework...

New team Member Johannes Loew

New team Member Johannes Loew

Johannes Löw re-joined the team at the department of remote sensing as a member of the Demmin 4.0 PhenoSAR Project. In the context of PhenoSAR-Demmin he investigates the potential of various polarimetric and interferometric SAR features for farmland monitoring,...

Stellenausschreibung – Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in: Landnutzung im Kontext des Klimawandels in Westafrika

Stellenausschreibung – Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in: Landnutzung im Kontext des Klimawandels in Westafrika

Die ausgeschriebene Stelle eines/r wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters/in im Projekt „WASCAL-DE-Coop“ am Lehrstuhl für Fernerkundung, Institut für Geographie und Geologie der Universität Würzburg zielt auf die Stärkung der Kooperation mit den westafrikanischen Partnern in...

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