University of Würzburg reports about WASCAL-DE-Coop

einBlick, the online magazine of the University of Würzburg reports about the research activities of WASCAL-DE-Coop (2019-2022) in the context of climate change and food security in West Africa and the networking strategies. The team of German partners in...

New guest scientist: Mah Coulibaly

Mah Coulibaly, a WASCAL PhD student on Climate Change and Land Use at the KNUST in Kumasi (Ghana), is visiting us for three month from May to July. Her PhD topic is about the estimation of above ground biomass and carbon dioxid emissions in the Savanna of Northern...

SCIENCE publication about EBVs

our article about Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) got published in SCIENCE. Reducing the rate of biodiversity loss and averting dangerous biodiversity change are international goals, reasserted by the Aichi Targets for 2020 by Parties to the United Nations (UN)...

New publication: Assessment of vegetation degradation in Burkina Faso

In cooperation with WASCAL, a new paper has been published in the Journal of Arid Environments about the assessment of vegetation degradation in Burkina Faso utilizing MODIS NDVI data. The full paper can be found here:

MSc topics within Biodiversity, Conservation, Ecology

are you interested in a MSc thesis within remote sensing for biodiversity, ecolory or conservation? We offer a variety of topics ranging from mapping ecological relevant land cover types, landscape fragmentation, spatial distribution modelling etc. The thesis will be...
Department Bus

Department Bus

Our new department bus is now ready for excursions with our students, for field work in our study areas or for research visits at collaborating institutes. We are looking forward to use our Department EAGLE bus extensively in 2020!

New PhD student Alexandra Bell

New PhD student Alexandra Bell

End of this year, Alexandra Bell joined the Department of Remote Sensing as one of our new PhD students and project members of the project WASCAL-DE-Coop. In the context of her PhD, Alexandra is interested in investigating the potential contribution of remote sensing...

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