Various M.Sc. thesis have been handed in the past months and new M.Sc. students have started. All of students showed remarkable progress during their M.Sc. and achieved very interesting results within their final research project.

The following students handed in their thesis:


  • Markus Martini
    “Automated tree detection: applications for object-based image analysis in arid systems”
  • Dorothee Stiller
    “Analysing spatio-temporal patterns of coastal aquaculture based on three decades of satellite data”
  • Sophie Reinermann
    “Extreme Events in Europe between 2000 and 2017: Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics based on Earth Observation Time Series”
  • Susanne Karg
    “Burn Scar Detection using Polarimetric ALOS-2 time-series data”
  • Frank Weiser
    “Assessing the forest response along treelines to an Epirrita automnata outbreak in Abisko, using a combination of fieldwork and remote sensing”

These thesis will start or will soon hand in:

  • Jakob Schwalb-Willmann
    “A deep learning movement prediction model using environmental data to identify movement anomalies”
  • Tejas Bhagwat
    “Using animal movement patterns to derive new remote sensing landcover maps for conservation”
  • Anne Selbmann, Lena Hendel, Sebastian Roersch and others