At 25th June 2019, the German partners in the WASCAL-DE-Coop project got visited by the WASCAL Executive Director Dr. Moumini Savadogo. The official welcome was given by the Vice president of the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg Prof. Dr. Barbara Sponholz. Project partners from the Department of Remote Sensing and the Physical Geography presented their research topics and activities within the WASCAL-DE-Coop and set-up the roadmap for the nearest future by intense discussion and valuable exchange of knowledge and specifications for dissemination. Further scientific discussion will take place with the WASCAL staff member at the Competence Center in Burkina Faso.

The meeting participants in front of the Institute of Geography and Geology. First row from left to right: Prof. Dr. Heiko Paeth (Climatologist), Dr. Moumini Savadogo (WASCAL Executive Director), and Prof. Dr. Barbara Sponholz (Physical Geographer and Vice President of the University of Würzburg). Second row from left to right: Dr. Sarah Schönbrodt-Stitt, Dr. Michael Thiel, Steven Hill, and Mengjie Warmuth (all staff members in WASCAL-DE-Coop).