The Dept. of Remote Sensing recently applied for a time series of 12 RapidEye scenes to support a PhD thesis by Siddhartha Khare (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India). The proposal is now accepted, and th PhD work will be supported by a dense time series of RapidEye scenes acquired in 2013 over dry forests in Lesser Himalayan region of India.

The PhD thesis which will use these processed datasets is entitled  “Object Based approaches for remote sensing-assisted assessment of forest biodiversity focusing on invasive species”, supervised and advised by Prof. S.K. Ghosh (IIT Roorkee) and Dr. Hooman Latifi (University of Würzburg). Additional multisource datasets to be used within the work include time series of Landsat 8 data and Cartosat 2-derived terrain model.

RESA already published this project in RESA project map 2015 which can be found online HERE. The project area is flagged under No. 120 (project number 184) in the map.