Martin Wegmann and Ruben Remelgado gave a 2 days lecture at the science school at BIK-F in Frankfurt covering applied aspects of remote sensing especially for ecology with a focus on animal movement. More than 20 international PhD and PostDocs attended this winter school, all with their own animal tracking data and specific needs concerning environmental analysis. The basics and background of remote sensing as well as the application was introduced. Moreover, theoretical and practical parts covered data visualization, data import and export, computation of vegetation indices, unsupervised classification, supervised classification, generation of vector training data and projection issues. All practical courses were using R and QGIS to comply to the standards of AniMove.


Additionally, Martin Wegmann is part of the AniMove board and jointly with the colleagues from MPI, Smithsonian and BIK-F the dates, locations and aims of the AniMoves in 2017 any beyond were discussed. More details will be posted soon on