are you interested in a MSc thesis within remote sensing for biodiversity, ecolory or conservation?

We offer a variety of topics ranging from mapping ecological relevant land cover types, landscape fragmentation, spatial distribution modelling etc.

The thesis will be most likely conducted in close cooperation with an NGO or a nationalpark management. Past MSc thesis were done in cooperation with Smithsonian, MPI, ZSL, WWF, etc..

We can highly recommend to consider a thesis in the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest where a huge variety of data is already present such as LIDAR or hyperspectral data or botanical and zoological in-situ data. Such a thesis will be conducted in close cooperation with he Bavarian Forest and DLR.


Based on past experiences no fixed topics are offered anymore but a joint development of a MSc topic.
Please approach Martin Wegmann in case you are interested, topics will be developed jointly.