PhD Colloquium of Prof. Dech

PhD Colloquium of Prof. Dech

written by EORhub

March 10, 2023

After various PhD colloquia in the last years only taking place in a virtual meeting room we had our very first in person meeting again for all PhDs of Prof. Stefan Dech. Unfortunately some got Covid and had to join virtually.

The presentations were:

Doro Stiller
Big Earth Data for Urban Traffic Applications”

Ines Standfuss
MOVE – The influence of landscape characteristics and dynamics on movement and behavior of white storks

Jakob Schwalb-Willmann
“Potentiale von Tierbewegungsdaten für die fernerkundliche Forschung”

Alexandra Bell
Spaceborne remote sensing for policy – Supporting national compliance with international policy agreements from space”

Matthias Weigand
“Soziale Gerechtigkeit der öffentlichen Grünflächenverfügbarkeit in Deutschland”

All 5 PhD students participated in this very last colloquium and will now prepare their final document to submit it.

The participants were (from left to right in the picture: Dr. Martin Wegmann, Prof. Dr. Hannes Taubenböck, Prof. Dr. Stefan Dech, Ines Standfuss, Dr. Doris Klein, Dorothee Stiller, Alexandra Bell, Matthias Weigand, Jakob-Schwalb-Willmann)

All other 20+ PhD students by our Earth Observation Research hub not conduction their PhD thesis within the first supervision of Prof. Dech will have a separate colloquium with their respective supervisor in the upcoming months.

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