our end-of-the-year postcards or christmas cards arrived – even though they do not have a very christmas-like design – and will be send out soon. This year our card shows the Landsat NDVI for an area close to Würzburg on the outside. Inside you can see a 3D point cloud from UAV imagery to map trees and their biomass in the Nationalpark Bavarian Forest. Both data sets are used in ongoing research at the deparment as well as in the current lectures within our courses.

Remote Sensing and GIS for Ecologist book published in early 2016.


The card has been designed by our EAGLE M.Sc. student Marcus Groll. We thank him for his great artwork.

Our year 2016 was very productive one with many achievements such as the establishment of our international EAGLE M.Sc. program with many lecturers from the University of Würzburg, the German Aerospace Centre and further external colleagues. We are looking forward to the next application round after the application deadline in May 15th 2017. Moreover beside many projects and publications in 2016 we are also happy to see some of our PhD students about to finish their thesis and soon to hand in. We are keen to continue all the work in the next year and we are looking forward to an interesting 2017.