Carina Kübert was awarded with the Promotionspreis of the Geographical Society Würzburg (GGW).

In her thesis, Carina worked on the derivation of phenological metrics from MODIS data in Germany. Her research focused on the reliable estimation of Start of Season (SOS) using different time series generation methods. Time series generation is an important and critical step, that aims at removing noise while preserving the seasonal vegetation signal. Based on different landcover classes, the best method was used to derive annual SOS layers and further phenological datasets. The results of her theses are now used in the Landklif project as input data for further investigations on the condition of different ecosystems and the susceptibility or resilience to expected climate changes.

The prize was awarded on Monday, Dec 2nd 2019, by Prof. Dr. Hubertus Job during the GGW’s last meeting in 2019. Dr. Konrad Schliephake kindly provided the picture.